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About Us
Archival Strategies is one attempt amongst many to curate content relating to archives, records and information management. From the microblog stream of consciousness, one or two links of the day that we find interesting are given a hashtag, routed to Twitter, posted on Facebook, and/or captured in! for you to enjoy too. 
A topic may inspire a new entry on our WordPress blog, but for the most part the links will speak for themselves. We see this as a collective endeavour and you are invited to join the Archival Strategies community to like, comment, retweet, follow and share links that you have found useful.

Community history
Archival Strategies was launched by Stephen James Howard (Fellow of the Information & Records Management Society) on 1st July 2012.
User feedback
"Thanks for this link. We are currently implementing SharePoint 2010 so this could be very useful." 
UK Local Government Information Manager (11 July 2012)